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Haifa and the North
Tel-Aviv and its surroundings

Jerusalem and its surroundings 
Be’er Sheva and  the South

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URBANS – an urban tours site by Yalla Basta, Israel’s largest market tourism company, welcomes you to forget about the usual route and find the most fascinating, surprising and tasty places our cities have to offer. At URBANS we believe that each tour has a story to tell; not only the story of the city and the must-see sights, but also the story of the people who used to live in it and those who live it now, who know every corner and juicy gossip, who call it home.
Join us on urban tours, full of substance and sweeping street smarts. Every tour is tailored to give you a resounding experience, combining imaginative tales and fun anecdotes, encounters with inspiring characters and rugged urban views, taking you on a magical ride in both place and time. Each of URBANS excellent guides lives and breathes the Israeli urban scene and knows all the toured city’s secret streets and alleys, its stories, houses and the people who “make” the place, along with its unique flavors.
Come experience unforgettable moments with us. Discover secrets hidden between the picturesque ally-ways of the Nachlaot neighborhood, get to know the underground graffiti scene at the Machne Yehuda Market, listen to feel-good stories at Wadi Nisnas, meet the mythological women of Old Jaffa and be moved by impossible love stories in Ein Karem; and many more culinary tours, arts and cultural tours, fashion and shopping tours, holiday tours and fun families and kids tours.
So, what are you waiting for? Take your eyes off the screen and come meet the exposed and hidden parts of the Israeli melting pot with our urban tours and special concept tours, different than anything you’ve seen before. Exciting and unusual tours that will stay with you long after you return home, or at least until the next tour.


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