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A Christmas Tour of Nazareth

Tall and lit Christmas trees, merchants wearing Santa Claus outfits and shouting 'ho, ho, ho!’, music and great fun. There is no doubt that the Christmas celebrations at Nazareth are the closest thing in Israel to the ones abroad, minus the snow…
It is no coincidence that our Christmas tour is one of our most popular tours, but Nazareth also has its personal, local and authentic touch, which makes the Christmas experience unique; different than anything you’ve seen in the movies.
After all, when was the last time you’ve celebrated Christmas with Kanafeh, Fatayer and artisanal olive oil?
Our tour will take you through the lively streets, filled with merry people, through traditional Christmas stalls, the decorated houses – as if taken from a fairytale – the honey-dripping candies and the local food, telling you secrets and stories about from Nazareth and the city’s unique atmosphere, which is actually the cradle of Christianity. The place where it all started.
During the tour, you will visit the following sites: The Catholic and Orthodox Basilica of the Annunciation, the White Mosque, the Old City’s market and more.
You can choose from two Christmas tours at Nazareth:
  1. A tour including unique bites from the Nazareth market, such as a traditional cinnamon beverage called “Iner”, Kanakeh, Arais, spices at the famous El Babour mill and more (the bites are not Kosher).
  2. A content-only tour, including a vast historical and cultural guiding, as well as an on-foot tour of the important checkpoints. 

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חג המולד בנצרתחג המולד בנצרתסיור חג המולד בנצרתחג המולד בנצרתסיור חג המולד בנצרתסיור חג מולד בנצרתסיור חג מולד בנצרתחג מולד בנצרתסיור חג מולד בנצרת

What’s in the tour:

  • Get to know the Nazareth Christmas traditions.
  • Hear about the birth of Jesus Christ and the traditions of Christmas.
  • Enjoy a lively Christmas happening.
  • Learn about the historic importance of the city.
  • Hear who Santa Claus is and where he came from.
  • Tour the festive market alleys.
  • At the bites tour: Snack on traditional holiday foods and candies.
  • Have a colorful, fun and fascinating experience.

 General information:
  Type: On foot
  Location: The Old City, Nazareth
  Length: 2-3 Km
  Duration: About three hours with bites and two hours for content-only
  Starting at: Mary’s well square or Basilica of the Annunciation
  Ending at: Changes
  Level: Easy

Important information:

  1. The tour participants are covered by a third-party insurance.
  2. Payment by credit card (2% added commission) or money transfer only.
  3. Cancellation:
  • 7 days before the tour date: no cancellation fees.
  • 4-7 days before the tour: 50% cancellation fee.
  • Less than 4 days before the tour date: full charge.


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