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A Culinary Tour of the Immigrants Restaurants of Neve Sha’anan

Neve Sha’anan and the Central Bus Station compound are nowadays associated with work immigrants and refugees who made it their home. Filipinos, Thai, Eritreans and Sudanese are a part of the local scenery, and like every place in the world where a foreign community gathers, an authentic culinary scene developed here, offering the smells and tastes from their homelands.
Join us on a fascinating tour full of tastings, through the streets of this colorful neighborhood, among the exotic restaurants and the small eateries; some are official and out in the open, while others are underground. We’ll visit a Filipino restaurant with an interesting story and savor a tasting tray of excellent Filipino food; we’ll feast on a light Eritrean Injera with a selection of sauces and fragrant stews (vegan-friendly) and taste Eritrean lager beer and other special drinks. If we are lucky, we’ll pop over to a small apartment (open on various hours) where amazing and irresistible Nepalese food is made.
We’ll continue to “Makati Kabalan”, which is the Asian food court on the fourth floor of the New Central Bus Station. We’ll sniff, snack and mostly enjoy roaming through its stalls packed with fruits, vegetables and a variety of leaves and fresh herbs, reminiscent of the Southeastern Asian markets. We’ll end our tour at a long-lasting culinary institute, providing every Asian product you can dream of; noodles and various snacks, as well as fresh or frozen ingredients you can try at home.


 What’s in the tour:

  • Enjoy a fascinating encounter with exotic flavors and fragrances
  • We’ll try Filipino food at a restaurant with a unique story
  • Explore the streets of Neve Sha’anan and get to know the neighborhood’s story
  • Discover the world of immigrants and refugees
  • Dine on Eritrean bread with amazing sauces and stews
  • Taste steamed Nepalese dumplings with a surprising sauce
  • Discover how the neighborhood became Israel’s immigrant city
  • Visit the colorful Asian market at the Central Bus Station
  • Have an extraordinary culinary experience at Tel Aviv’s downtown

General information:
  Type: On foot
  Location: Neve Sha’anan, Central Bus Station 
 Length: About 1 Km 
  Duration: About three hours
 Starting at: Har Zion Boul./Neve Sha’anan
 Ending at: Har Zion Boul./Neve Sha’anan
  Level: Easy

Important information:

  1. The tour participants are covered by a third-party insurance.
  2. Payment by credit card (2% added commission) or money transfer only.
  3. Cancellation:
  • 7 days before the tour date: no cancellation fees.
  • 4-7 days before the tour: 50% cancellation fee.
  • Less than 4 days before the tour date: full charge.

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