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Family and Kids Tours in Israel by Urbans

Why Family and Kids Tours with Us?
Parenting presents many new experiences. Suddenly everything changes, our nights become shorter, our hours become less flexible and we quickly find ourselves logging into ‘mashed foods’ and ‘Parenting 101’ Facebook groups. We are prepared for most of these changes, but no one ever talks about how our leisure time changes. If in the past we could spontaneously leave the house, now we have to plan every detail in advance, figure out if the route is stroller-friendly, make sure the duration is reasonable and carry a big bag with clothes, diapers, pacifiers and changing mats. And what happens when they grow up? It gets even more complicated. Going out doesn’t only have to technically suit them, but so does the content. And so, we find ourselves in another kids’ show, joyfully watching them have fun but mostly waiting that they would grow up, so we can have family tours that would interest us too. URBANS’ theatrical and family tours are meant for parents who want to have fun with their children, stop looking at the time and be fascinated by an experience which also relates to them. Parents who realize there is no reason to give up on one simple thing, when something else begins, and you should and can combine them.
Our tours are fit for groups of friends, interested in going out with their kids, for institutions or companies that want to give their employees a family time out, or educational boards and community centers looking for a fun parents-children activity.
Interested? Contact us and we will find you the perfect tour, based on your age, distance and interest constraints. It’ll be fun.
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