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Holiday Tours in Israel by Urbans


Why Holiday Tours?
Markets and urban tour lovers know that the best time to get to know a new place, whether it’s a market, avenue or square, is during the time the locals celebrate a holiday. Any place you’ve been to on a regular day, as beautiful as it may have been, deserves another visit. Moreover, the more a place is amazing in its gray and daily version, the more impressive it becomes when it is festive. On holidays, the streets and markets are shinier, better lit, more vibrant and flourishing. The streets are filled with people, the stalls have more to offer and everything around you beams with inspiration, colors and sounds. URBANS’ holiday tours intend to capture these moments. Each will take you on a “once in a year” experience, from a Menorah tour of Nachlaot, through Selichot tours in the Old City, Ramadan tours of Acre and Christmas tours in Nazareth, Jaffa and Haifa. Find out how the holidays make places even better, learn about the traditions, taste the flavours and hear the unique songs.
Not sure where to begin? Talk to us and we will be happy to find you a festive tour that will suit your group’s requirements, distance restrictions, and of course, the desired time of the year.
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