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Hummus Tour in Acre

A one-of-a-kind culinary experience at the Galilee hummus capital. Golden falafels, pita bread hot from the oven, fragrant olive oil and above all – the finest Galilee hummus, with a wonderful texture and various combinations: from straightforward hummus to hummus with broad beans and all the way to the sensational Msabbaha dish.
Join us on an exciting and tasty culinary tour through the hummus restaurants in the Old Acre’s market, some may be famous and swarming with people while others might be hidden and known only to locals. We will walk through the bustling alleys and the colorful stalls, fill our noses and senses with the scent of spices, grilled fish and sweet trays of Kanafeh; we’ll trace the origins of the Galilee hummus, whose name precedes it, and has a light and airy texture, balanced flavors and a light touch of Tahini.
During the tour, we will hear about the beginning of the long-lasting tradition of eating hummus and learn about its biblical tale. We’ll reveal what kind of chickpeas are used, how much Tahini to add and find out what is the difference between Msabbaha, Mushowsha and Mahluta. We will travel the beautiful caravansaries and the high walls overlooking the sea, taste different kinds of fine hummus, a hot and flaky falafel and other sweet treats. We’ll hear anecdotes and stories from the best hummus makers in the city, who will make us for in love with that divine food all over again.


What’s in the tour:

  • Discover a unique culinary experience at the Old Acre market.
  • Taste hummus, falafel and local sweets.
  • Hear fascinating anecdotes about hummus.
  • Learn about the role of hummus in Jewish tradition.
  • Understand the differences between the various types of hummus
  • Get to know the unique flavor of the Acre hummus.
  • Have a fascinating encounter with the best hummus makers in the market.

General information:  

 Type: On foot 
  Location: The Old City, Acre
  Length: 1.5 Km 
  Duration: About three hours
  Starting at: Old Acre Parking
  Ending at: Acre’s Lighthouse
  Level: Easy

Important information:

  1. The tour participants are covered by a third-party insurance.
  2. Payment by credit card (2% added commission) or money transfer only.
  3. Cancellation:
  • 7 days before the tour date: no cancellation fees.
  • 4-7 days before the tour: 50% cancellation fee.
  • Less than 4 days before the tour date: full charge.

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