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Tours in Jerusalem and its Surroundings

Why Jerusalem?

For us, Jerusalem is home. It is where we began and where we return at the end of every road. It is the beating heart of our work. It is the anchor. Not many know that under that formal, decent and ancient façade of our beloved capital, lies a young and renewed soul of a city, which despite its age and experience, never stopped reinventing itself.
When we put together the URBANS Jerusalem tours, we were overwhelmed with the variety. Each stall or paved road had a fascinating story hidden in them, on every bench had sat someone important as they conceived the next revolutionizing idea that would change the country; what could we leave out? Finally, we have gathered a set of tours that, we believe, reflects a wide range of what the city really is. Join us for exciting, surprising and inspiring urban tours through our capital’s alleys; tours through the sparkly bars of the nightly Machne Yehuda Market; tours that take in the clear crisp air of the Ein Kerem neighborhood; tours that discover ancient workshops in the Old City; tours that show hilariously funny theatrical scenes at Nahlaot; tours that tell the complex story of the conflict… and we’re just getting started!
Contemplating on what to start with? Talk to us and we’ll be happy to tailor make an urban Jerusalemite tour to fit your needs and interests.

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