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Lifestyle and Shopping Tours in Israel by Urbans


Why Shopping and Lifestyle Tours?

Who doesn’t like shopping? Yes, it has come to our attention that some people are not so keen on the genre, but the rest of you – you have come to the right place! Shopping is much more than just buying. We buy stuff all the time, in the supermarket, the dollar store, on our way home. The essence of shopping is to get new things, things we didn’t have before. That’s what happens when we purchase, let’s say, clothes; even if we have a hundred shirts, every new shirt is special; it’s a creation on its own. The thing with shopping is that many of us stick to what we know, the chain stores, places where we know we’re sure to find something. And thus, we become generic and lack our own unique taste. We call it ‘classic’, to comfort ourselves. The Lifestyle and Shopping tours by URBANS are meant to push its participants out of their safe zone, introduce them to secret spots, known only to those in the know, expose young and talented designers to them, as well as personal import boutiques and give them a shared shopping experience. Those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of shopping with other people, have no idea how fun it is when you always have someone to consult while shopping and time to try things on, contemplate and decide. So, yes, you can shop alone, but you should go shopping with us!

Not sure where to begin? Talk to us and we will be happy to find you a tour and guide which best suit your group’s style and interests.

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