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Special tours and workshops with Urbans

Why Try Our Specials?
All our tours are special, but here you can find more advanced concept tours. Some are experimental pilots that run under the radar and some challenge niche subjects that did not make our bigger categories. Among the tours here, you can find innovative “Start-up Nation” tours in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv; an inspirational women’s tour of Jaffa and Ein Karem; a photography tour of Machne Yahuda Market; a tour among craftsmen, who are all but gone, at the Old City in Jerusalem; a tour of immigrants cuisines at Neve Sha’anan; a welcoming tour of the Hasidic world at the heart of Bnei Brak and a tour following the conflict, along the West Bank Barrier at Abu Dis (guided by a press photographer who lives and breathes the area). Now is the time to challenge your group and tackle prejudice head on, learn how to discover the other and mostly open your hearts to topics that are outside your daily routine and consensuses.
Not sure how to start? Talk to us, tell us about yourselves, your interests and restrictions you might have, and get a recommendation for a concept tour that will fit your style and allow you to explore.
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