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Tours in Be’er Sheva and the South

Why Be’er Sheva?
Remember the days when you’d picture Be’er Sheva and could think of nothing but a caravan of camels through the desert? Well, get with the program. Nowadays, Be’er Sheva is far from being the city you remember as just a stop on the way to Eilat. New real estate, young and underground cultural projects and preserving buildings from the Ottoman Empire, turned the capital of the South into a city full of young, hip, brash and challenging attractions, and mostly very tasty ones. URBANS invites you to join content and culinary tours around Be’er Sheva’s Old City, urban tours that pass through cultural stops and unique museums, cafés located in beautifully preserved stone buildings, graffiti and original street art projects, and long-lasting and mythological eateries with a regular clientele that wouldn’t change them for all the money in the world. Discover the less-known side of this wonderful southern city and fly away with us.
Contemplating what to start with? Talk to us and we’ll be happy to tailor a Negev spirit urban tour to fit your needs and interests.
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