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Urban Tours in Haifa and the North

Why Haifa and the North?
From the slopes of the Carmel mountain to the coasts of Acre, from the underground Downtown graffiti  to the authentic market restaurants of Nazareth, from the Bahai Gardens of Haifa to the ancient knights halls and the Templar tunnels of Acre – many are surprised to discover that, besides forests and rivers, the north has something to offer to anyone who is looking for unique experiences, including sensational urban ones. Just an hour away from the center, there are hidden touristic gems that people from all over the world come to: authentic market restaurants, colorful stalls, crisp galilee air, hospitable and generous people, and in the end of December, also a magical twinkling Christmas experience. Join us for urban tours between the murals of Haifa, the stalls of Wadi Nisnas, the great Hummus restaurants of Acre and the hidden ally-ways of Nazareth; discover a new world right at your fingertips.
Contemplating what to start with? Talk to us and we’ll be happy to tailor a northern urban tour to fit your needs and interests.
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