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Tours in Tel Aviv and the Area

Why Tel Aviv?
What hadn’t been said about it? It’s bustling, lively, chic, capitalist, noisy, snobbish, the city that never sleeps. Some love it, some hate it, but we are addicted to it; we’re in love with every stray Ficus branch growing in it. The Tel Aviv metropolitan, the largest city in Israel’s center, is far from fitting into any pattern or superlative, each area is painted in a unique tone and offers a different cultural experience. URBANS’ urban tours offer an extraordinary buffet of tastings of this once-in-a-lifetime city. Join us for exciting Tel Aviv tours that will introduce to you the hottest scenes in Tel Aviv, from tours that will expose you to the kicking graffiti culture of Florentine and the nightlife of the Flea Market; through culinary tours of the immigrant restaurants of the Central Bus Station (our own little “Chinatown”); all the way to innovative start-up tours on Rothschild Boulevard. Come travel, loosen up, laugh, roll your eyes in amazement and mostly discover new sides of this well-known city, and fall in love with it, as we have.
Contemplating on what to start with? Talk to us and we’ll be happy to tailor make a Tel Aviv urban tour to fit your needs and interests.
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