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Art and Culture Tours in Israel by Urbans

Why Art and Culture Tours?
Culture is not only found in official and quiet museums, distinguished galleries, theaters or concert halls. Culture is everywhere there are people who dream, create, let their ideas roam free and know how to leave a unique mark behind them. You can find it on street benches, power supply cabinets or the walls of abandoned buildings, you only need to know where to look and ask the right questions. The art and culture tours by URBANS will unveil a world of creation lying right under your noses, from underground and brash graffiti to local galleries exhibiting brilliant art by young people created with hangars at industrial zones. Come meet a lively, fierce street art, one that challenges social consensuses and isn’t afraid to make innovative statements.
Not sure what to choose? Talk to us and we will love to find a tour and guide that will suit your groups’ style and interests.

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