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Start-up Nation on Rothschild Boulevard

For many years, Israel has been known in the Hi-Tech and Technology world as the Start-Up nation, with hundreds of active start-ups and dozens opening every year. The highest concentration of start-ups and greenhouses is in Tel Aviv, around Rothschild Boulevard, the area which Hi-Tech people refer to as the City.
Discover the young and creative scene of the Israeli Start-up at the lively boulevard, which thanks to the projects popping up along it, has become an international center of technology and innovation. We’ll take a fascinating tour of the first Hebrew city, which is a breakthrough and successful start-up on its own. We’ll explore interesting spots and projects, serving as Israel’s technology hub and discuss terms in technology, philosophy, practice and how their influence shows in every turn of our modern life.
Visit an urban project of workspaces, meant to connect young men and women developing projects influencing life in the city. We’ll visit an impressive exhibition at the Center for Israeli Innovation, displaying Israeli achievements in various fields, and be amazed by an extremely special Hub, connecting Hi-Tech companies from around the world.
We’ll see how you can attain a programmer’s degree intensively and quickly at a designated training company. We’ll peek at a unique Hi-Tech company that employs people from the Orthodox section. If possible (depending on time and space constraints), we’ll have a meeting with community managers from an international company which provides joint workspaces for entrepreneurs and start-up companies.


What’s in the tour:

  • Have a fascinating encounter with the local Hi-Tech scene
  • Visit a successful social urban project
  • Experience an inspirational exhibit of Israeli achievements
  • Tour a luxurious Hub, bringing Hi-Tech companies together
  • Hear the story and success of the Israeli Hi-Tech
  • Visit a unique company made for the Orthodox section
  • Discuss about the Hi-Tech world and its influence on our lives
  • Enjoy a unique experience full of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship

General information:

Type: On foot
  Location: Rothschild Boulevard and surroundings 
 Length: About 1.5 Km
  Duration: About three hours
  Starting at: Rothschild/Ehad HaAm
  Ending at: Rothschild/Alenbi
  Level: Easy

 Important information:

א. משתתפי הסיור מכוסים בפוליסת ביטוח צד ג׳
ב. תשלום בכרטיס אשראי (בתוספת 2% עמלה) או העברה בנקאית
ג. תנאי ביטול:

  • 7 ימים טרם מועד הסיור: לא ייגבו דמי ביטול
  • 4-7 ימים טרם מועד הסיור: 50% דמי ביטול
  • פחות מ-4 ימים טרם מועד הסיור: תשלום מלא

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